Our Story

Canal Water

It all started in Amsterdam some years ago. While having dinner with some friends, one of our team members got challenged to find a way to create and sell a really authentic souvenir; Amsterdam Canal Water. Pretty crazy right? Not really, here’s why. Soon after the challenge, a way was found to contain (real) Amsterdam Canal Water; a small, cute little bottle with a cork. After 15 minutes of displaying this new souvenir at a museum in Amsterdam, our first sale was a fact.

  • Souvenirs

    When we realized people are looking for authentic things to bring back from the countries they’ve visited (or more likely; an actual piece of the city/country they visit), we started traveling the world in search of special places. From Amsterdam to Lake Louise, to the Pyramids in Egypt and the Dead Sea. We even got an actual piece of George Michael's home in London (sold for 80 GBP per bottle). Things were looking bright but just as we started collecting and selling, the pandemic hit.

  • Message in a Bottle

    Stuck at home, but left with thousands of small bottles we came up with another idea; ‘’Message in a Bottle’’. Especially during the first lockdowns people could use some extra love and positivity. We started creating special thank you notes and Mothersday quotes. It was a great succes and as soon as most restrictions lifted, we started focussing on retail. 

    Currently we managed, through challenging times, to produce and distribute our products in 4 countries (and counting). Our products are new, original and all handmade by a small team of passionate people who like to think we can contribute to some small moments of joy and love in our customers lives. We believe in travel, but also in a better world. This is why there are no harmful elements used in our products, and why no child-labour in any of our production-cycles is tolerated. We believe in stimulating local economies and try to produce all of our products in the country where it is being distributed.

    Thanks to all our partners and associates we are a fast-growing company with a bright future. Customers buy thousands of our products per week which adds up to hours of joy we like to think we contributed to. Thank you all for working with us, and appreciating our efforts and products.