Products & Occasions

Altough we focus on little, cute bottles exclusively, we offer a large custom-made variety of products for different occasions. From childbirth to celebrating a long-lived beautiful life ''Message in a Bottle'' is there to contribute to celebrations & special events. Contact us for a reseller-shop login to view all of our ''Message in a Bottle'' products.

All of our products are Handmade and free of plastic.

  • Single Bottles

    Message in a Bottle single bottles come in two sizes; Large (40mm) & (20mm) Small. Message in a Bottle single comes in different versions: Generic print, custom print, or empty.

    Handmade, customizable and free of plastic.

  • Keychains

    Our Message in a Bottle keychains are the perfect gift to keep with you at all times. They usually come in the small version (20mm) but upon request large (40mm) is possible.

    Handmade, customizable and free of plastic.

  • Necklaces

    Same as our keychains, Message in a Bottle necklaces are produced with the version (20mm). Also fully customizable or with generic and pre-printed quotes, they are a hot seller.

    Handmade, customizable and free of plastic.

  • Single Bottle Display

    With a capacity of 60 Small bottles and 36 Large bottles re-stocking is made easy with re-stocking bags per color and quote. Our Message in a Bottle single bottle displays feature customized marketing for your shop/brand upon request.

  • Keychain/Necklace Display

    Our message in a Bottle Keychain/Necklace Displays can hold up to 100 pcs. of keychains or necklaces. As with the single bottles re-stocking is made easy by our packaging method per color/size/quote. Marketing is fully customizable upon request.

  • Single Bottle Starters Pack

    • 60 Small Bottles
    • 36 Large Bottles
    • Display
    • Generic or fully customized

  • Keychain / Necklace Starters Pack

    • 3x10 Keychain/Necklace
    • 3x20 Keychain/Necklace
    • 3x25 Keychain/Necklace
    • 4x25 Keychain/Necklace
    • Generic or fully customized
  • Combination Pack

    • Single Bottle Display / 60 Small & 36 Large
    • Keychain & Necklace combination display / 75 keychain and 20 necklace
    • Generic or fully customized
  • Customized Displays

    All displays are customizable for your brand/business.

  • Customized Labels

    All labels are fully customizable. Size, shape, brand and color, everything is possible to your and your customers wishes.

  • Customized Quotes

    All messages and quotes are fully customizable fitting your business/brand.

  • Sahara Rock

    These small pieces of rock are from the mysterious Sahara desert. Collected by one of our colleagues in Egypt these rocks most-likely saw the great pyramids being constructed.

  • Amsterdam Canal Water

    This real Amsterdam Canal water has been collected in Amsterdam and reminds you of this beautiful city with over 160 canals dating back as far as the 16th Century.

  • Holy Sand

    Collected from the beaches of Caesarea in Israel, this sand is the same many iconic conquerers and historical figures have stepped on in the course of history.